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The Indiana dunes deserve national recognition

To the editor: Scenic beauty is subjective. John Copeland Nagle argued in a Dec. 5 op-ed that the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore lacks the views to warrant national park title, but he is in the minority. Last year, the Lakeshore ranked 15th most visited out of all 419 National Park Service units (including the 59 national parks). People certainly cherish the views.

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The Cook County Assessor's Office is only the first step

Your article “Assessor's estimates defy logic, benefit lawyers” and Sunday’s accompanying editorial unfairly impugn the assessment appeal process, the tax bar, and property taxpayers themselves. The assessment process and valuation standards are defined by the state constitution, statutes and decisions of the courts.

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Berrios will sail straight to re-election

I appreciate all your articles about Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios. However, unless one of the two Democrats running against him drops out, Berrios will certainly be re-elected. I can see the vote totals now: The two challengers vote totals combined will be higher than Berrios’, but his total votes will be higher than either of the challengers’. Then he faces a Republican in the general election.

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The #MeToo Movement has thrown due process out the window

In her recent letter to the Tribune (“A witch hunt”), writer Dorie Chaille Tiseth hit the nail on the head. I, too, have been shocked by the rapidity and fury with which the #MeToo movement has swirled across the country, upending lives and leaving us stunned.

Like that writer, I am in my 70s and a feminist, and as a woman, I have encountered and witnessed decades of sexual harassment.

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Why Forrest Claypool deserves our gratitude

As civic leaders who have worked with Forrest Claypool, we are standing up in support of his 30-year record of public service.

Wherever he led, Claypool stood for justice and fairness. He built effective teams and leveraged partnerships to tackle some of the city’s biggest challenges and change our city for the better. That strategy rebuilt neglected South lakefront and West Side parks.

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Why does the Obama Center need 20 acres of public parkland?

In response to the Dec. 13 editorial “The Obama center, now a federal case”: How nice that placement of the Obama Presidential Center on 20 acres of Jackson Park (on the National Register of Historic Places) is not a “done deal” and will receive federal review.

For urbanites unaccustomed to acres, one acre is 43,560 square feet.

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